You can find our branding and promotional assets in the link below:

Guestmatch Branding Assets

You are free to use those assets in any media you use to promote your Guestmatch spaces, as long as you follow our Brand Guidelines in this page.

Please let us know if there are additional useful assets we could provide!

How To Use The Guestmatch Name

All uses of the name “Guestmatch” must be in the following form:

  • The first letter “G” is upper case and all other letters lower case.
  • There is no space between “Guest” and “match”.
  • Do not modify, abbreviate or translate the word “Guestmatch” into a different language or by using a non-Latin alphabet.
  • Do not modify or abbreviate the brand name or use any variations or phonetic equivalents of the brand name (such as “GuestMatch”, “guestmatch”, “Guest Match”).

How To Use The Guestmatch Logo

We want our logo to be instantly recognizable, so please don’t edit, change, distort, rotate or reconfigure it.

Please stick to the colors provided, except for any additional tones of gray / black that might be necessary for the logo to be consistent with other visual elements, as long as these colors have adequate contrast with the background color behind the logo.

Please use adequate spacing around the logo so that it can be properly distinguished from other visual elements.

Using Our Brand Materials

General Usage

Please don’t use our name or logos (“brand materials”) in ways that may be confusing, misleading, or suggest our sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation.

Products, Websites, Names and Logos

Please don’t use our name as a part of your company or service name, website name, trade name, or product name. Don’t use our logo or incorporate our logo into yours. Don’t use a domain name containing “guestmatch” or any confusingly similar words.

By using our brand materials, you agree to our Terms of Use, these Brand Guidelines, and all Guestmatch rules and policies, as may be updated from time to time. You also acknowledge that Guestmatch is the sole owner of Guestmatch trademarks, promise not to interfere with Guestmatch’s rights in them, and acknowledge that goodwill derived from their use accrues only to Guestmatch. Guestmatch may review use of the branding materials at any time and reserves the right to terminate or modify any use.

Last modified on 3 September, 2022